Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quilt Block Scrabble is in Lebanon this weekend

LEBANON, OREGON October 12, 2008...The annul quilt show in Lebanon is definitely “Quilting Outside the Box.” This weekend the show will become famous with quilters playing the very first ever game of Quilt Block Scrabble. While it is not going to be as famous as the Sister s’ Quilt Show, this year the local show is trying to bring more tourists to Lebanon.

The 6th annual quilt show —which will feature more than 100 quilts along with quilting and other textile arts fun is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the gym of the Sand Ridge Charter School, 2900 S. Main Road, Lebanon. Admission is $2 and all guests receive a yo yo flower pin. Proceeds benefit the Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild and their community service projects.

Quilt Block Scrabble game
Heading up the Quilt Block Scrabble game and possible team competition is Peggy Christopherson. She is the Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild president.

Peggy has organized quilting and textile arts games and events since the late 1990’s, when she lived in Delta Junction in interior Alaska. At a Delta Junction quilting retreat, Peggy and her quilting sister, Dawn Grossmann, organized a quilt block mystery game. Quilters had to read a set of fictional letters and guess which quilt blocks were described therein. The letters were supposedly written in 1920 by a young woman who was traveling with her new husband to the gold fields in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Super Scrabble-sized, quilted board
Peggy says such games make the quilt show much more fun and give folks more to do. “It makes a quilt show more like a festival or a fair,” she said. “This years show is in a bigger space and we have much more for other textile artists and visitors to see and do,” she continued.

Quilt Block Scrabble is to be played on a Super Scrabble-sized board. Peggy described the game, “It’s a big quilted board on the wall with 21x21 or 441 squares vs. the standard 15x15 or 225 squares. Players add quilt block names which are then verified as one of the 4,000 quilt block names in Barbara Brackman’s book—Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.”

Winners will include a player drawing, chosen from all players, and a “Top Block (word)smith,” the player with the most points.

“Quilting Outside the Box” plus traditional textile art fun
The show will also feature other “Quilting Outside the Box” and textile art activities. This year will have many vendors, a number of unique quilting vignettes and art quilts. Peggy said the addition of public, heritage and family quilts plus a quilted van is also new.

The shows traditional fun happenings are a small quilt silent auction and sale, quilting games, and children’s quilting—I Spy and Make a Block. Also there are quilting bed turnings, textile arts demos, and talks on historical and liturgical quilting. Plus there is a quilt and crafts flea market and a holiday boutique.

We want more tourists and visitors to enjoy Lebanon
Peggy concluded, “The Quilting Outside the Box quilt show is making a big attempt to bring more visitors to enjoy the fun and sense of community that is growing anew in Lebanon.”

For more information, call Peggy at 541-451-4910 or visit


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